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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 4, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> sean: that's true, you do. >> what do we ask for as a tea party? less government, constitutional behavior, balance the budget. >> both parties can do it. >> sean: great panel. thanks for being with us. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: fox news alert. wall street is gasping at the news today. there is --s go ing for air people running for cover, selling, doing whatever they can the dow did collapse more than 500 points the worst day since the economic collapse in 2008. investors universally rattled over a global economic slow down. then there is tomorrow. everyone is bracing for tomorrow's report on july unemployment numbers. that's just here in the united states. the world is now a global economy and we are all in this together, whether we like it or not. wait until you hear about what is going on in the asian market,. then there's europe. much more on that straight ahead but first joining us
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former senator rick santorum. >> hi greta. good to be with you from des moines. >> greta: good to have you here. today's news, people trying to sell stocks. how did we get into this mess? is this something we should have predicted or are we just so interlocked with the rest of the world we feel the impact of them and they feel the impact of us? >> it obviously a global economy. the bottom line is the united states is doing nothing to help the world in pulling out of this recovery. we've seen anemic growth. policies of this administration strangling business, doing everything they can to stunt with big government programs like obamacare and dodd-frank and others things that are constricting the economy. when america is sick the rest of the world gets very sick. >> greta: families wondering how this impacts them. some are lucky enough to have
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a 401(k). people have money in the stock market. a lot of people don't have money in the stock market, some don't have jobs if you are watching and you don't have a job how does this affect your family? >> it affects you because people who do have money in the stock market, those folks who you just talked about have already cut back on spending. they don't have a job or living paycheck-to-paycheck. don't have investments. now you have people who to have investments counting on a lot of seniors, who have to say way, these purchases that i might be making, i don't have the cushion any more. the markets have a profound effect on consumer spending which drives 70% of this economy. this will have an impact on consumer sentiment, impact on spending, growth, jobs, it will all trickle down. >> greta: if you were president tonight, i recognize you said it is regulation on business, health care legislation. if you are president tonight
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and we are facing tomorrow morning with unemployment numbers, if they are going to be worse that will probably have impact what would you be doing first thing tomorrow morning or even tonight? >> we have to change course. turn the ship. repeal obamacare. repeal these regulations. i saw yesterday the obama administration in the last month has promulgated regulations that is going to cost business 10 billion dollars a month in this country. we need to repeal these regulations, stop the rest, get rid of obamacare and the uncertainty on the business community. cut taxes. one of the things i proposed is a 0% corporate tax on manufacturing. we need jobs created. we went from when i was a kid 21% of the workforce manufacturing, now down to 9% that's where middle america has gone because we stopped
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making things here. we need policies that believe in business, markets, that believe in people, not government. the president believes in big government. he in growing this economy by growing government. it is -- he believes in growing this economy by growing government. it is abject failure. >> greta: the situation as you see it, people talk about doing all those things. when you try and fix the economy it is like moving an aircraft carrier it takes forever to make that turn. in light of the fact that when you see the numbers today start to decline we have an high unemployment rate 9.2% tonight. how fast, if you were president, if those policies, if you believe they work, how fast could you bring us improvement? >> well, i would throw on top of that we would have to pass a balanced budget amendment. we have to assure folks this country is going to get its debt under control.
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passing a balanced budget amendment which we should have done in this last negotiations. if we can do those things i just suggested, to give people comfort that we are going to get our deficit under control. we are going to get a balanced budget, constrain the growth of government, repeal obamacare, sarbanes-oxley, dodd-frank, let this economy get going things will turn around quickly. a lot of cash sitting on the sidelines, businesses have made profits but unwilling to invest in an economy where a president is so hostile to business and we have such incertainty because of the dramatic growth in the federal government and regulations promulgated. we turn that around, business will takeoff. >> greta: president obama without any doubt inherited a horrible economy. i said he owns the trend from the minute he did the stimulus. i'm curious, how much do you
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lay blame from where we are today at the feet of president obama and his ideology and how much external factors? that we are part of this balance economy when greece, ireland, italy and spain and portugal and china has their devalue their currency it all affects us. how much is the president and his political philosophy and how much is external? >> the political philosophy of the president is consistent with the greeks, spaniards and italians, government control, socialism and big government programs are unsustainable that leads to defaults. the president has adopted programs that got europe and these countries in trouble. there are programs in place, unfunded likes in medicaid and medicare, he made them worse. he's done things that harm the foundation of our economy. certainly, can't be blamed for everything. there were deficits in place. he has made the situation much
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worse by the policies that he's adopted from those in europe who are the problems we are looking at today. growth tkret debt ceiling you have taken -- >> greta: the debt ceiling you have taken swipes at the republicans, why? >> i took some swipes saying they didn't do what we needed to be done. we needed to balance the budget. limit the size and scale of government. what they did was kick the can down the road. they did get some cuts. everyone knows those cuts in the first two years are small the only ones that can be controlled many in two years there maybe a new congress, hopefully, a new president maybe we can get more. if this president is reelected those cuts are not going to take place. you have this promise of maybe somebody coming forward with a bill that will reduce the deficit more. if it doesn't happen you are going to cut defense spending which is the last thing we should be doing. i think it was a bad deal.
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the swipe i took, you've got three members of congress who want to run for president, talking how they are going to be the ones that should lead the country and couldn't lead the republicans and voted again the bill. i don't know how you want to be president lead the country if you can't lead congress it doesn't speak well for your ability to lead the country. >> greta: michelle bachmann, representative paul and mccotter, right? those are the three. >> i didn't see anybody following their lead or them bearing a leadership role in this critical time. i think that's an issue people need to look at. >> greta: i thought what mattered most to you, maybe i got it wrong was the idea of a balanced budget amendment there. will be a vote. i thought you said give the president everything now that he wants essentially. and just get the balanced
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budget amendment. because it is going to take five, six, seven years to get that started. >> that's exactly what i wanted. i said from the beginning, not just on your before your show, we should have sat down with the tea party, house and senate should have gotten together and said what we want to accomplish is limited government and a balanced budget. the only way to accomplish that is pass a balanced budget amendment. passing spending cuts now as desirous as they are and as much as i support them, don't get us to that goal. they move us in the direction if that is all we do, all the tea party folks, all the conservatives were against it. because it didn't accomplish our goal. we needed to focus on the long term and concede in the short term to get to where we wanted to go. we passed a balanced budget amendment to the constitution which limited spending 18% of gdp and required a balanced budget going forward we would not be in the situation we were to the markets today, we
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would not be in the situation in europe, would see america going to be sound and stable going forward giving confidence to the markets that we with going to get government under control and not become a socialist problem like greece right now and we would have a different dynamic than we are looking at today. >> greta: thank you. >> great to be with you. >> greta: fears of a double dip recession are paralyzing wall street. stock market beating blood all over wall street dow dropping more than 500 points nasdaq down more than 130 s&p 500 off 60. is in a wake-up call? joining us dennis neal. wake-up call or something worse? >> this is a big question with what happens tomorrow. asia has started trading down three, four percent. this is sheer panic if you wanted to find a new leg of the market you have to have a
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correction when stocks drop 10% from a high they are down 10% from mei. we'll rebuild. this looks like stocks will go down even pore tomorrow. the question is, are we in a true bear market? will they go down 20%? are we in a 2007-2008 type thing dow 6800? i pray not. the question is why now? we've been going down and down. then this accelerated volume and plunge that is panic that is people selling first and asking questions later. what triggered it? supposedly, we are now concerned that the world is going to grow more slowly than we thought. also worry that other currencies the yen getting too expensive, so we have to hold down its value again the dollar. that made people spooky. most disturbing is this a repudiation by the world's investors, the traders at that
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debt ceiling settlement that we thought would get us past the crisis? is -- saying you can't cut, you can get your act together and we declare an pox on all your houses and throwing everything out. gold was starting to group. every time there's a panic gold goes up. gold went down. that means investors were selling everything. and that is a real panic. >> greta: i hear the word correction seems like a nice word. we i look at the housing market, if -- when i look at the housing market, it never came back up. we were sitting on depressed prices on housing people are underwater across the country. if you are looking for a job you cancel. the word correction is not a word that i like. i hear that is being described here. is this a correction?
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>> it is right now official we are the at that 10% level that is the official definition. is it worst? a lot of traders i talked to are scared. one guy e-mailed me monday said get out it is going to be ugly. he e-mailed me today to say i'm scared. you don't like it when a lot of nervey guys who have a lot of swagger are suddenly scared. warren buffet, the most famous investors around, says when everybody is greedy, you should get fearful. when everyone is fearful, you should get greedy. the problem is trying to buy into that is like trying to catch a falling knife. when the market was at 14,000 in the fall of '07 and started to go down and down some of the bold said we are going to be okay. i kept saying we were going to be okay. we weren't to 6,000 or 6700. then we had this incredible rise back up. with such velocity that was
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historic, we couldn't believe it. all the way back up, 90% stocks came back in price. all that way back up, we didn't pay a price of a big correction and we haven't lately, now we are doing it. but it could get worse if you are in a long term retirement fund and you are not 65-years-old, i don't think you should sell. if you haven't sold, you haven't lost. i didn't sell in '87 in 2000, in '07, '08 in my retirement fund. i stayed in and i was made whole. you have to have faith in the long term. do we think america is going to hell in a hand basket? do we think it is over? i don't. i think even if stocks keep falling, it is going to be painful, but they will not stay down forever. they will go back up. >> greta: my reference to the housing market. everyone says the housing
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market will come back up. don't think that is true. >> forever? >> greta: maybe not in my lifetime. the housing prices have been really low. suppressed. i don't see any movement up. i don't see any competitive pricing coming up. >> from 2000 to 2007 median price of a home went up 53%. if you bought before 2000, you are still in the black. look worldwide we do a trillion in new debt every year most to roll over existing debt to make it current. trillion in debt. around the world we have seven on -- trillion or more in cash. i don't think is a worldwide global collapse. >> greta: i'm going to leave it at that. that seeps like the best news we could have. -- that seems like the best news we could have. i'll take your optimism, thank you. >> straight ahead,
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newt gingrich is here. he says the debt ceiling deal could result in a destructive failure? how could it bleed to a destructive failure? he's worried about what will happen at part 2 of the deal. >> one college campus is under fire tonight and it has to do with president obama. we'll tell you what is going on, stay tuned. [ jon ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska. it's the cleanest, clearest water. we find the best, sweetest crab for red lobster we can find. yeah! [ male announcer ] hurry in to crabfest at red lobster. the only time you can savor three sweet alaskan crab entrees all under $20, like our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake or sn crab and crab butter shrimp. [ jon i wouldn'tut it my table at home, i wouldn't bring it in. my name's jon forsythe, and i sea fd differently.
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>> greta: it has been a brutal day on wall street. investors are shaken over our struggling economy what is the answer? how can we get our economy back on track? joining us newt gingrich. good evening mr. speaker. i want to know how i get back on track, if you were president? i want the fast answer, i don't want the long term one. people are really desperate, they are unemployed, 9.2, maybe more tomorrow what is the fastest way get us back on track? >> first, we do know how to do this. the fastest way would be to have the congress come back in. immediately pass an american energy bill liberating the oil, gas, natural gas and others to go out and find energy
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overnight. in western pennsylvania they are doing that, they've created thousands of new jobs in the last two years. second, repeal the dodd-frank bill in one day in the house, two or three in the senate. america, raise the price of housing overnight, give every small business hope. a 2300 page monstrosity. you have to look at a serious tax program, different than washington thinks. gains which would attract hundreds of billions of investment in the u.s.. 12 1/2% corporate tax rate which would get general electric to pay more taxes. we should go to 100% expensing so capping -- so companies could write-off all new equipment in one year. these are real changes. and the challenge you have with this administration is
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that it wants to go in the opposite direction. virtually everything president obama and his appointees believe this is bureaucratic socialism they want to micromanage the entire country from d.c.. the fact is that kills jobs. >> greta: how much of that is democratic ideology? and how much is president obama? i guess the way i distinguish the question is, if it were a different democratic president in office -- is this unique to president obama or is this the democratic philosophy on how to do business? >> well, i think it is partly both. dodd and frank represented a big government washington centered model. so did harry reid. so did nancy pelosi. but if you go back to when i was speaker it is fair to say bill clinton was dramatically more realistic and substantially more moderate than president obama is. clinton had governed in
10:23 pm
arkansas. he spent 12 years as governor working with a conservative state legislature. he campaigned, founding the democratic leadership council to move the party to the center. so, i do think that a lot of this is obama. but also the people around him. almost all of his appointies are very radical, anti-business -- believers in the national labor -- relations board attacking boeing in south carolina or the epa trying to control the whole economy. or the fda crippling development of new medicines and new solutions. it gets worst and worst. the two models of really bad legislation. and they are crippling the economy. go ahead. >> greta: two of the three things you suggested, i'm a little impatient now. i think we've waited now since
10:24 pm
february '09 on the stimulus bill things are getting for a lot of americans tougher. two of the things that you mentioned one is the tax code bringing capital gains tack down to zero. an sewelling that is a -- gains tax down to zero. assuming that is good. those are -- we've seen how washington works things don't move well. i don't know if you have know miss -- if you have noticed it has been chaotic. >> if tomorrow turns out to be as bad as today, all around the world, this after all-starred in europe with the sell-off brought on by realization that -- italy could be in deep trouble, spain, the euro could be under pressure. as people around the world start to realize if the u.s. economy is not recovering, there's evidence that it is. if the european economy is not
10:25 pm
recovering if the japanese economy is not recovering. all of the expectations of a better future gets stopped in their tracks. if we have another couple of bad days, this will sound very bowl the president ought to consider -- bold, the president ought to consider bringing the congress back for a special session narrowly focused on job jobs. this will be very controversial on the left. if were you to repeal dodd-frank this week, you would see banks opening up, small business opening up. housing improving, within a week. if we were to liberate federal land and allow people to explore for gas, oil and other minerals, you would see people investing within 48 hours. the thing about markets, as we've seen, markets can move fast. the president made a joke about discovering there were no shovel-ready projects. because it was a bureaucracy in the free enterprise system people respond, move resources
10:26 pm
with speed. if they saw the u.s. move towards a genuine pro-investment, pro-jobs, pro-small business environment. you would see resources shift very fast.%2my in the reagan administration, they launched seven years of recovery that the equivalent for our generation would be 25 million new jobs. that's how big the change can be. >> greta: i don't know if your ideas about repealing dodd-frank is correct. that i will leave to the ones who make decisions. the thing i think is urgent, i wish the president would ask the house and senate to come back this is a crisis for most americans. jobs is the way they put food on the take this is an emergency. breaking news we report to the scene this is a crisis for many americans right now. and they've all gone on recess. and it is beyond me how they could do that. >> the president is going on a
10:27 pm
weeklong bus tour of the midwest. almost like a fantasy tour. if the president is serious about job creation, first, he had better come up with a lot bigger proposals than we are seeing. you don't get out of 9.2% unemployment, you don't get out of today it was announced the largest number of americans on food stamps in history. said for six months this is the most effective food stamp president in american history that sounds like an attack it is a statement of fact. as his administration kills jobs, they are driving americans on to food stamps, most americans would rather a paycheck. i don't think president obama can give up his left wing ideology and can give up his left wing allies and can try to do something that works in a free market. that's the dilemma you have in washington today. do we know how to get jobs? absolutely. i was at the in lynn county, cedar rapids today, the eagles
10:28 pm
is a business group that got together. i talked to the business leaders there. they knew how to do it. i was in des moines with a lot of business leaders, they know how to do it. they are eager to go back into it. they hate not being able to create jobs. the president ought to listen to people who create jobs. >> greta: we have to take a quick break. stick around, if you please. >> also, big news out of wisconsin if you thought governor walker's collective barginning law was a done deal and things are quiet, wrong. new troubling information as a lot of -- has a lot of people on edge. the tea party is in on this one that is straight ahead. vrrooom...vrrroooomm vroom vrrooom
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>> greta: we are back with in go. this week the debt ceiling was -- was extended. had you been handling this would you have handle it as the president did if you were speaker of the house did would you have handled as speaker boehner had? >> i don't want to second guess speaker boehner, because i can't imagine trying to negotiate with president obama. he's so radically different from president clinton. whatever experiences i had getting to a balanced budget, i don't think an as president, if it had been president kong working with mitch mcconnell and john -- congress
10:33 pm
working with mitch mcdonnell and join beer, because we believe in a balanced budget, we believe in less spending, lower taxes and bigger economy. >> greta: let me stop you there. >> he is the president and you have this brand new republican house driven by the election of 2010, and a senate that is halfway in between that's what made it so complicated. >> greta: let's assume you didn't have a speaker boehner and mitch mcdonnell in the -- mitch mcconnell in the senate let's assume had harry reid and nancy pelosi and not it is going to be smooth sailing. would you have handled it differently? >> i think that i would have taken a lesson from ronald reagan. reagan always led washington by leading the american people. i didn't negotiate with tip
10:34 pm
o'neil. he didn't try to maneuver inside washington. his job as he used to put it was to shine the light on the american people so they would turn up the heat on congress. what we are lacking now is a clear understanding of how to create jobs, which is job one. you gotta get in economy growing. you will never balance the budget at 9.2% unemployment. two, we need a general approach to how you are going to reshape government. i worry about this select committee. i'm afraid if they don't have very bold new proposals, they will stumble into a point where everyone will be told if you don't vote for a tax increase, horrible things will happen. i would say every conservative should repeal if there's some backdoor effort to create tax increases out of this committee. because it would be a betrayal of everything the 2010 elect was about. >> greta: coming up shortly is the iowa straw poll. as i understand, you haven't bought a booth, you haven't
10:35 pm
paid for a speaking position, yes -- yet you are going in the poll am i wrong? >> no, you are right. delegates get selected in january. we have scarce resources several people are going to spend several million trying to win this i wish them well. we'll do as well as we do, whatever that means. we are aimed entirely at january. we are campaigning steadily out here. we'll be back again next week and spend most of the week here in iowa. we'll be back again and again this fall. i think from my standpoint i want to focus on when delegates are selected that starts at the caucuses in january. >> greta: correct me if i'm wrong the iowa republican party has its foot on the throat, to use an expression of all candidates. it is costly to participate if you don't participate and bring in all your people, you
10:36 pm
are not going to do well and then the day after, we are all going to say who the front-runners are when someone may have had a deliberate decision or doesn't have the funds or whatever. it isn't cheap to be part of this as a candidate, is it? >> no. in 1996, the person who tied for first place dropped out by january. this poll sometimes it matters, sometimes it doesn't. in 2008, or 2007, john mccain got 87 votes, he came in 7th. he ended up being the nominee. it is a party fundraising device. i've raisedded a great deal for the iowa republican party over the years happy to raise more this the place where i want to raise money. i'm talking about serious ideas issues. i will be at the state fair. we'll be in the parade. we will also be at ames for the debate on fox next thursday i'll be back saturday morning. i'm there to greet delegates.
10:37 pm
to begin to pick up delegates for january. we are getting a good reaction. we had a great session in cedar rapids today. we had a lesson -- session in the county fair last weekend. and we are having a great time tonight in des moines. >> greta: you and senator santorum, congressman paul, and cain are getting heat because your campaign t-shirts remain outside the united states in comparison to pawlenty, romney, bachmann, huntsman and obama you are shaking your head. >> because in my case, it was baloney. everything which has been made officially for the campaign available at, you go to the shop, -- at, you go to the shop. we had an atlanta print shop, the atlanta principle shop, principled the newt 2012
10:38 pm
t-shirts. in fact, when that was reported the reporter who reported it knew that everything else that we had officially bought had been made in the u.s.. you can go to and check it yourself. >> greta: is that a legitimate concern? should the american people expect that the candidates for the race by american in light of this economy and all the problems going on? from this day forward. >> let me say this. we have 14 million unemployed, three wars in the middle east, two trillion dollar deficit, economy in danger of sliding into a deeper depression. for any of our major networks to engage in gotcha junk reporting, as opposed to trying to figure out what would these candidates do to solve this stuff? >> greta: i tell you why i don't think it was junk i understand your explanation, if you are going out there and
10:39 pm
tell us how important it is, not just you, but everybody on such things that you need to sort of police your own organization. if you are going to say buy american, we sort of expect you all to do the same. >> in paul's case he was blunt he's for the world market. he said it is not an issue to him. i'm suggest ago amazing percent of political reporting -- i'm suggesting, an amazing percent of political reporting -- we are in the middle of one of the great historic changes in american history. whether it is dodd-frank, obamacare, epa, tremendous range of issues. we need to find some method of talking with each other as people and really trying to of this country's problems. >> greta: we are getting the music. thank you, sir. hope you come back soon, thank you. >> coming up, the political strug until wisconsin is far from over. some lawmakers are days from possibly losing their seats. that has tea party groups
10:40 pm
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. a texas jury convicting warren jess of child sexual assault. the head of the fundamental church of the church of latter day saints took a bribe for a 15-year-old in a spiritual marriage t. comes after a raid of the remote west texas ranch. he faces up to life in prison. a report of a possible gunman at virginia tech shutting down campus for five hours on thursday. three teens reported seeing a man walking quickly with what may have been a handgun covered by a cloth. police issued a stech of the man they were looking for and searched, but found no sign of him. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "on the record."
10:45 pm
for your latest headlines, go to now back to on the record. >> greta: sizzling summer in wisconsin. days from headed -- from heated recall elects. remember a couple months ago protesters swarming the state capital? how about 14 senators who fled the state and hid out in illinois? apparently people are still angry. six senators are facing recall elections days from now. they have new back-up, the tea party. joining us is chairwoman of the tea party express, amy kramer. why did we decide to jump into this one? >> thanks for having me. we've decided to jump into it because we want to support these conservatives that are being recalled. usually politicians are recalled for not doing their jobs. these guys have done their jobs. they are doing what the people sent them there to do. that's to balance the state
10:46 pm
budget. they've done that. now they are being targeted and it is not right. so we are here to support them. >> greta: what is this going to entail? you are getting on the bus and traveling, where are you going? >> we feel this is so important we've gotten involved in these elections which we usually don't get involved in state elections, but we start tomorrow morning. we are doing four days of rallies across the state, nine stops, starting in hudson. we are going to get out there with the conservative people and support these people that being recalled. and let people now how important it is to vote tuesday. >> greta: what is the plan? have you don't any advanced planning to find out how you are going to be received? >> i know the tea party groups and these conservative groups are very happy to have us. there's been millions of dollars i think over 14
10:47 pm
million pumped into the state by the left. they've taken a heavy arm to the conservatives. a lot feel intimidated. the tea party groups are happy we are coming in. we want the people to know we are here to support them and governor walker and to do what is right for the state of wisconsin. i think we are going to be well received. i'm sure we are going to have counter protesters. but that's an indication that we're a threat. that we are doing what we should be doing. that is good and we expect it. >> greta: are you doing this because you support the collective barginning law or are you doing this because you are supporting a conservative view point? are you doing this because the democrats are doing something different? tell me why you are doing this? >> because, when governor walker and these republicans -- this republican state legislature went in to balance the state budget, they to
10:48 pm
reform the collective barginning laws. there was heavy push-back from the unions on that front. the bottom line is, when american families and businesses across this country are hurting, and you have state budgets and our federal government, look at what happened last week with the budget fight in washington. why is it that public sector unions should be immune from any cuts? we are all having to give back a little. we are all having to cut a little. why is it they are immune. >> greta: i'm running out of time. you also supported justice prosser who was in line with the position that governor walker is he's now in this fight he's being accused of trying to strangle another justice. do you still support justice prosser? >> greta, we supported justice prosser in that fight because we believed he was a conservative that supported
10:49 pm
constitutional limited government, small government, rein in this out of control spending and he was going to be judicial -- i'm sorry, a judge that would rule according to the constitutional -- constitution, not au jus dish shall activist. that's why -- that's why we supported him. i believe he's going to follow through on that we don't regret that one bit. >> greta: amy, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, nasty fight over president obama, all going down at a big university. it is raising a lot of questions. we'll tell you w
10:50 pm
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest: university of tennessee debate over breath mints. packages of the so call disappointments are being pulled from the bookstore because they poke fun at president obama that has many people on fire. state representative calling the minutes offensive. the school decided to stop selling them. others are furious calling this an outrage form of sensorship. we report, you decide. >> new york yankee star alex rodriguez could be facing suspension. the 36-year-old is under investigation for allegedly
10:54 pm
participating in illegal poker games. the investigation stems from a report published online that rodriguez played in two underground games with other celebrities in california. today new details about the allegations surfacing saying rodriguez played in games during which co- was used and in one instance -- which cocaine was used and in one instance ended in a pwroul over money. >> a mayor in new mexico denying he was so bar, that's right. the mayor insists he was drunk when he signed considers with a california company. knew california company is suing him for one million dollars after he cancelled the deals. the mayor said he drank too much at a restaurant with executives of the design firm before his signature. he said under oath he was at the same meeting and he was also drunk. never dull. >> this is determination or mind overmatter? pregnant woman in chicago into labor while taking the bar .
10:55 pm
-- the bar exam. the 29-year-old's contractions were 15 minutes apart when she started the final portion. she finished the test and walked to the hospital about a block away to deliver her baby. did she pass the bar exam? she will find out in october. there you have the best of the rest. >> coming up last call. one more quick round before we turn down the lights. does the debt crisis have president obama running scared? you have to stick [ male announcer imagine all of your missed opportunities
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>> greta: president obama causing a commotion at the white house but it's not what you may think. >> there is drama in washington. yesterday, did you hear what happened? yeah. yesterday a man jumped the white house fence. did you hear that? yeah. but after a brief chase, they were able to talk mr. obama into coming back. >> that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight.


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